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Toshiba 48L1433 48 -inch LCD 1080 pixels 200 Hz TV

Image of Toshiba 48L1433 48 -inch LCD 1080 pixels 200 Hz TV


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Toshiba 48L1433DB 48" LED backlit TV HD1080p Media Playback via USB Freeview TV<br/><br/>With striking style and picture performance, the Toshiba 48" 48L1433DB TV delivers the combination of high definition 1080p image projection with Dolby Digital plus audio for a truly immersive entertainment experience. The stunning image quality is delivered via LED back lighting, which offers smooth and fast moving images in amazing colour and clarity all in a thin, space-saving design.<br/><br/>The Toshiba 48" TV is equipped with a Freeview tuner for subscription-free access to 50 digital TV channels and 24 radio stations without the need for an additional set top box. Plan your week's viewing with the 8 day electronic programme guide, and enjoy video, photo and audio playback via USB and Dolby Digital Plus audio. Multiple HDMI connectivity and PC input makes it easy to connect to other digital entertainment devices.<br/>Witness stunning picture performance and enjoy a breath-taking overall viewi.